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Day 1 – You’re It!

coverMicki Morris was on her way to the holiday of a lifetime when the ferry she was on mysteriously sank… but the island she washes up on proves to be a little more captivating than she expects! With just one month to get home or break her promise, what great trials lie ahead for this stranded, happy-go-lucky girl?

2011, 40 pages

The print edition contains the results of the Day 1 contest titled “Lua’u”.



 Day 2 – 100th Time Lucky

day2Part two follows Micki as she befriends a less than welcoming orphan boy in the sandy town of Kamalele. Whickes has spent years of his life trying to free the town from the hold of a gang of bullies, to little avail… but will his next attempt prove a bit more successful, with a new lucky star by his side?

2011, 42 pages

The print edition contains the results of the Day 2 contest titled “Melemele”, and part 1 of the exclusive to print extra “SK’s Journey”!



Day 3 – Tag Team

@Day3CoverwebhalfPart three sees Micki and her new companion Whickes bumping into some familiar faces… none other than the bandits who got her stuck! But are they really as rotten hearted as they first appeared?

2012, 42 pages

The print edition contains the results of the Day 3 contest titled “`Aikalima”, and part 2 of the exclusive to print extra “SK’s Journey”, drawn by guest artist Leonie O’Moore!



Day 4 – Malihini Mambo

4_2Malino has tried her hardest to shoo the owls from her ailing village, but since the disappearance of her brother Milo, she can’t complete the ceremony. She needs to find someone new, someone with the mysterious magic aura known as the “elves’ touch”, to repel the disease-ridden pests… enter Micki and Whickes!

2014, 48 pages




Day 5 – Dog Days

Coming soon!

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