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Day Characters

Small bios for characters specific to the Day chapters!

brett tambarns Name: Brett / Tam / Barns
Age: 19/17/??
Race: Human
Gender: Male / Female / Male
Day: 2

These three bullies held the small orphan town of Kamalele under a rule of terror for years. Brett, the leader of the trio, had an ongoing competition with Whickes – Brett has beaten Whickes in a sword fight 99 times; Whickes won none.

lori litoName: Lori & Lito
Age: 10 / 2
Race: Human / Cat
Gender: Female / Male
Day: 2

Lori is a young orphan girl living in Kamalele with her cat, Lito. One of the victims of the bullies, Brett and co. often upset her by taking Lito and leaving him up trees or in ditches.

malinoName: Malino
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Day: 4

Malino is in charge of warding the owls away from her village using a special ceremony.

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