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General Contest Rules / Guidelines

All TAG contests are held under the same rules and guidelines, which you can find here!


  • The theme is open to interpretation! But including it clearly in your entry goes a long way. These themes don’t repeat – use them to your advantage!
  • These contests are open to any kind of art. I will accept paintings, drawings, writing, cosplay, comics, pretty much anything as long as it fits the theme and other rules of the contest!
  • Your piece must only involve characters from the chapter the contest is for! Characters from previous chapters who don’t appear in this one are preferably kept out of it. Think especially of the more incidental characters – you’ll get plenty of opportunities to draw Micki and Whickes in later contests, but you might not see characters like Lori and Malino again!
  • Characters from other franchises (including my other comics) and OCs are not permitted.
  • Keep it in the spirit of the story please, so nothing explicit!
  • You may NOT use bases, trace or plagiarise for this contest. If I discover that you have you will be disqualified completely, not just the offending entry.
  • REMEMBER! This could be printed in the book, so do your best work to show off!


  • The comics are in A5 format. For print production purposes, I like all my files to have 6mm minimum bleeds. HERE is a template to keep your entries to for best results.
  • The comics are in full colour! Make the most of it!
  • If you’re submitting a text piece, I can design the display page for you. Remember to keep it short and sweet!


  • I will only accept artwork made after the starting date (you may not submit existing fanart) and before the deadline! NO EXCEPTIONS. These contests are always at least one month long – it is up to you to manage your time effectively! Late submissions are unfair to other contestants.
  • Each contestant may submit up to two entries (make as many as you like, but choose your two favourites for judging)
  • To submit your entry, send me an email (, and I will add it to the contest page!


Judging is done by me shortly after the contest finishes. It’s based off of several aspects:

  • Representation of characters (in character, good attention to physical details etc)
  • Creative use of theme
  • Effort used
  • Adherance to guidelines

…not necessarily technical skill! I’m looking for entrants who give full effort and have fun!


On behaviour

If I find out any of the contestants are displaying problematic behaviour, by insulting other contestants and their work or by other means, either directly or indirectly, I reserve the right to disqualify them from the competition. I do NOT tolerate rude behaviour in ANY FORM with regards to this contest; that is not the spirit of this story, group, or competition. Please be supportive and courteous towards your competitors, we are here to have fun, improve, and encourage positivity and perseverance!


  • By submitting an entry to this contest, you are agreeing that I may reproduce that work in whole or in part in relation to TAG or my audience community regardless of if/where you place in the contest. This includes but is not limited to advertisements for the TAG contests and community, on the TAG website, my art websites and related profiles. 
  • I will, however, always provide credit for your work, minimum your name/webhandle near the piece.
  • I will always message you if your work is to be reproduced in a paid product, and of any changes I plan to make to your work (these will only occur to better facilitate your piece within the media; i.e. moving your signature if it falls outside of print margins or adjusting colour balances. If it’s written I may spellcheck. I will never make major changes to your original work). 
  • I do not claim to own the rights to your work. Equally you may not claim rights over my characters.
  • You may not sell any work you produce using my characters in any form. This includes offering your contest entries as prints. Doing so can provoke legal action.
  • You must also note that in order to claim some prizes you may need to disclose to me your postal address. I will only use this for the purposes of sending you the contest prizes, nothing else. I do ask that if you are a minor or there are other people at your residence who may object to you sharing the address over the internet, you ask permission to give me these details BEFORE you enter. I will be very sad if I end up not being able to send you prizes should you win.

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