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At the end of every Day, I hold a contest – each given a theme in the form of a Hawaiian word.

Prizes include:

  • Winning artwork printed in the book
  • A free copy of the book
  • Custom artwork from me
  • …and often artwork, features, and various subscriptions from other fans!

Whenever a contest is launched I’ll post about it on the blog, and include it listed here.

Previous contests:

To see previous contest entries, check out the page in the Gallery!

tag_day1_contest_by_heller45-d37zwi554e9bb9587df5.jpgDay 1: You’re It!

Meaning: Celebration
Year: 2011
Winners: Heller45, Nijiiru, AlkseeyaKC and Illuminated-City

tag_day_1_contest_entry_by_nijiiru-d3azino.jpg tag___micki_by_alkseeyakc-d3b5i8w.png 0d694f2397b83fb763dce2ca99469d66-d38w0fm.jpg




 Day 2: 100th Time Lucky2winner
Theme: Melemele
Meaning: The colour yellow
Year: 2012
Winners: Doveyyyy, Tacsayo, AlkseeyaKC, 3Fangs


3winnerDay 3: Tag Team

Meaning: Icecream
Year: 2013
Winners: Tacsayo, AlkseeyaKC, DetectiveAnonymous, PK-Alice

tag_team_for_ice_cream_by_alkseeyakc-d5r650k.png bc7a76f677848edcfb668def4903c909-d5obaba.png.jpg ice_cream_by_alice723-d5zpku7.jpg

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